First things first: Before we jump into our fave products, let’s talk process. Here are ten tips on how to use hair rollers to achieve long-lasting curls.

Step 1: Start with clean hair.

Step 2: Comb your hair into at least four sections.

Step 3: Roll or twist your sections of hair around each hair roller.

Step 4: Secure the hair rollers.

Step 5: Let the curls set.

Step 6: Gently shake out the curls with your fingers.

Step 7: Never brush your hair, or you’ll ruin your fresh curls.

Step 8: Mist hair spray over your whole head.

Step 9: For extra volume, spray your hair while it’s hanging upside down.

Step 10: For more defined curls, use hair wax and apply it to individual curls.

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