KIM Woodburn and Nicola McLean get into ANOTHER heated row on tonight’s episode after the How Clean Is Your House? presenter shoves Spencer Pratt.

In a sneak preview video released by the hit Channel 5 show, it shows Spencer shouting at Kim for “blocking the door” to the bedroom. 

To which the 74-year-old shouts: “Don’t you be aggressive, don’t start with me.

“You’re being rude and aggressive and have no respect for me.”

And then pushes him out the way with her hands. 

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Kim Woodburn and Spencer Pratt pretend to fight in the bedroom [Channel 5]

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: The housemates are left shocked when Kim Woodburn shoves Spencer Pratt [Channel 5]

The fellow housemates are left shocked over the display and Spencer jokes to them: “Did it look THAT real?!”

To which his wife, Heidi Pratt, adds: “Yeah, I don’t like that hitting thing.”

But Kim decides to use the opportunity to make a dig at her fellow contestants and Nicola McLean. 

She says: “Oh they’d love it to be real, more to chat about Kim, but it wasn’t, it was called a joke!”

However, more drama erupts when Nicola decides to “stir” things between Kim and Speidi. 

She asks: “Kim, have you told them how much you disliked them?”

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Kim Woodburn explains that it was a joke fight and shove with Spencer Pratt [Channel 5]

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola McLean asks Kim Woodburn if she told Spencer Pratt what she thought of him [Channel 5]

To which Spencer interrupts with: “She did, she said we are horrors.”

While Kim adds: “I said they’re nasty vicious horrible people and I don’t want to meet them.

“I’ve told them that.

“But when I met you, you’re just lovely.”

However, Kim then erupts into an explosive rage and calls Nicola a “b****y trouble maker”. 

She yells: “You are a little stirrer.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Kim Woodburn tells Nicola McLean that she is a “b****y trouble maker” [Channel 5]

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Kim Woodburn tells Nicola McLean to grow up [Channel 5]

“You’re Mrs Right are you?

“You would love that to be real, lighting up, we was having a joke.”

But Nicola is left confused at the accusations and asks: “What you talking about?”

To which Kim snaps: “Stop it, grow up madam!

“Shut up, don’t play innocence with me, you’ve caused most the trouble in here with your little gang.”

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola McLean is left confused over Kim Woodburn’s outburst and asks: “What you talking about?” [Channel 5]

The TV star ends her rant with a chilling warning of: “Don’t start with me!”

Catch all the action on tonight’s episode at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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