CELEBRITY Big Brother’s Kim Woodburn has temporarily been removed from the house.

Kim’s outburst came following a row between Jessica Cunningham and Stacy Francis, it has emerged, as they both disagreed about Kim’s actions in the house.

As things came to a head, Kim was desperate to know what the girls were fighting about and wouldn’t drop the situation. 

But as the housemates head to bed, Calum says goodnight to Kim – something that doesn’t go down well with Bianca Gascoigne who tells him not to be a “kiss a**e”.

Kim warns Bianca telling her: “I’ll cross you so badly you’ll regret it for the rest of your life,” if anyone starts on her.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother’s Kim Woodburn removed from the house: It is thought that Kim spent the night in the spare room after arguing with Jamie O’Hara [Channel 5]

Nicola McLean steps in to defend her pal, only for the girls to clash once again – and this time Jamie steps in.

As Kim blasts “horrible” Nicola, he tells her: “How is she horrible, you’re over dramatic.”

And things get pretty heated when Kim rages at her housemates, commenting: “You’re a two-faced bunch, chicken-livered s**ts.”

As Jamie calls her out she shuts him downs saying: “You’re another one you chicken-livered bugger.”

From there things get worse as Jamie follows Kim into the living area and explodes at her asking: “Who the f**k are you talking to? You’re a disgrace, you are nasty, you are vile.”

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Jamie O’Hara argued with Kim Woodburn ahead of her removal [Channel 5]

Spencer Pratt and Stacy Francis try to cool things down, with security then forced to enter the house and separate the group.

Kim calls her housemates “a bunch of chinless wonders” while Jamie brands her a “bully” for “picking on young girls”.

Jamie is taken away into the bedroom, while Kim is led by security towards the stairs.

But she has one last slur for Jamie, telling him: “You adulterer, that two-timed your wife and she’s got three kids. These people, they put me through hell.”

Viewers can see the scenes play out on tonight’s show, while it has been confirmed that the controversial resident spent the night in a separate room after the row.

A rep for the Channel 5 show told the Daily Star: “All will feature in tonight’s show. A clip of Kim and Jamie’s argument will also be released this afternoon.”

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother’s Kim Woodburn removed from the house: Kim Woodburn has been removed from the house [Channel 5]

“We can confirm that Kim didn’t leave the house, she slept in the spare room,” the spokesperson added.

During her time on the show, Kim has caused controversy over her arguments with her fellow residents.

Since arriving in the house last Friday (Jan 13), Kim lashed out at Chloe Ferry after being left unimpressed with her behaviour.

In a discussion with Nicola McLean, the How Clean Is Your House star said: “I was blazing last night.

“Because there’s a girl of 21, she’s a young woman. I don’t dislike the kid but I had no respect for property, for people, for noise, what she does. 

“I find her a vulgar, nasty little girl. The way she talks, the whole thing about her.”

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother’s Kim Woodburn removed from the house: Kim Woodburn has clashed with Nicola McLean during her time in the house [Channel 5]

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother’s Kim Woodburn removed from the house: Kim also shared her honest opinion about Chloe Ferry [Channel 5]

Viewers have also seen Kim clash with James Jordan, who became the latest star to be evicted.

Having complained about being woken up, Kim became embroiled in and an argument.

In a bid to put an end to it, James piped up and asked her if she had any cleaning to do.

Believing that she had been insulted, Kim hit back: “Don’t say it. Don’t demean me, fat slob.”

“Don’t demean me fat slob. Don’t demean me because I’ve been a cleaner. You’re out of order,” she continued to declare as the the housemates looked on in shock.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother’s Kim Woodburn removed from the house: Spencer Pratt recently revealed that he wanted to get Kim thrown out of the house [Channel 5]

“You’re a rude nasty man who’s a brilliant dancer who has ruined your career because you can’t stop being rude. You’re a stupid stupid man who people loathe,” she continued to vent. And what you said, you got called out on. It’s not a joke.”

Just last night, Kim got into a heated argument with Nicola after Spencer Pratt had told everyone that he would try anything he could to get her thrown out of the house.

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