A THROWBACK snap of Charlotte Crosby with vlogger Zoella has reminded us how much she’s transformed.

[undefined]Charlotte Crosby posted a pouty snap to Instagram today [Charlotte Crosby Instagram]

Vlogger Zoella recently posted a picture of her smiling alongside the 26-year-old Geordie Shore star, and the photograph brought to light just how much Charlotte Crosby has transformed since rising to fame on the reality show. 

And it’s not just age and nature has transformed the Celebrity Big Brother winner’s image, and she’s openly discussed cosmetic procedures in the past.

Nose Job: 2016 

[undefined]Since starting Geordie Shore 5 years ago, Charlotte Crosby has had a nose job and lip fillers

Charlotte has a nose job in early 2016, saying her plastic surgeon had made her the “happiest girl in the world,” after the procedure.

Charlotte opened up about how being on television had made her self conscious about a small bump on her nose that she may not have otherwise been bothered by. 

But after the procedure, she described her nose as “perfect.”

Lip fillers: 2015

[undefined]Charlotte Crosby shows out full on pout in a selfie on the way to V Fest, 2016 [Charlotte Crosby Instagram ]

As well as her many Instagram pictures leaving fans in shock at the size of her pout, Charlotte has opened up about her love for lip fillers, too. 

The reality star said she would probably continue to have lip fillers done every 5-6 months. 

Botox: 2015

[undefined][Charlotte Crosby/Instagram]

While Charlotte hasn’t explicitly spoken about having botox, she said previously that’s she’s not opposed to having “more botox” in a new! magazine interview. 

She also said she wouldn’t rule out in the future “a boob job, more botox, [and] more lipfillers.”

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