FORMER TOWIE star Danielle Armstrong recently faced a health scare.

[undefined]Danielle Armstrong shared her smear test story on Snapchat [Danielle Armstrong/Snapchat]

The reality star took to Snapchat to explain doctor’s found “abnormal cells” following her last smear test. 

She urged her fans to book in for their own check-ups following her health scare, however assured them that she is okay. 

Explaining the situation, the blonde beauty said: “I have got some abnormal cells, however they are cells that can naturally go away but I have got to have regular check ups every six months.

“So next one is June just to be sure, so… all good.” 

[undefined]Danielle Armstrong admitted her ‘abnormal cells’ will go away on their own [Danielle Armstrong/Snapchat]

She added: “But if I hadn’t had my smear test I would never have known about the abnormal cells and it could have been a different story.” 

Since sharing her story with fans, Danielle has retweeted messages of support from her fans on Twitter, with many praising her for her honesty. 

One wrote: “Loved @Daniarmstrong88 snap story last night about smear results… Abnormal cells can be treated! #bookyoursmear #cervicalcancer 

Another added: “@Daniarmstrong88 I had abnormal cells, had regular check ups and then I had my daughter and since having her they have come back clear x.” 

[undefined]Danni Armstrong’s fans praised her for the video[Getty]

Smear tests are used to detect abnormal cells on the cervix, and the NHS welcomes all women for a cervical screening. 

It is recommended that women aged 25-49 have a smear test every three years, while those aged 50-64 are tested every five years. 

Danielle’s shocking revelation comes just a week after she took to Snapchat to apologise to fans for her “cringe” behaviour. 

Following the breakdown of her relationship to her former TOWIE co-star James Lock, the blonde bombshell has been flaunting her new relationship with Daniel Spiller. 

[undefined]Danielle Armstrong has been flaunting her relationship with Daniel Spiller [Instagram]

However, she admitted she thinks she went a little overboard with her Snapchat videos – especially during her most recent trip to Dubai. 

She said: “So I’m back from Dubai as you all know, I did Snapchat quite a lot out there. 

“I’m sorry if I was really cringe as well! Sometimes I get carried away a bit.” 

And in a hilarious self-mockery, she added: “I turned into one of them girls that I take the p**s out of. Like: ‘I’m so happy, Dan playing football, Dan having a drink.’

[undefined]Danielle Armstrong shared an apology video with her fans [Danielle Armstrong/Snapchat]

“I promise to all my Snapchatters, I will chill out.”

She jokingly added: “Until I next see him. Then I’ll be all cringey again.”

Danielle offered a little insight into her adorable relationship whilst on their romantic getaway, tasked her beau with listing his five favourite things about her. 

He responded: “Caring, loving, gorgeous, funny…and an animal!”

[undefined]Danielle Armstrong gushed over her boyfriend on Snapchat [Danielle Armstrong/Instagram]

Danielle then took matters into her own hands, and listed everything she “loved” about Daniel, and said: “I’ve got 10 things I love about Dan. 

“Caring, loving, trustworthy, loyal and handsome, homely – like, a family man – driven, ambitious, stylish… and f**king rich!”

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