EMMERDALE characters Finn Barton and Kasim Sabet had fans rushing to Twitter after ditching their drinks at the pub for a coffee. 

They may have had full pints at their fingertips, but the boys preferred something a little less alcoholic and their decision to leave their beverages unattended has left viewers baffled. 

Finn invited Kasim over to his and said: “Look, I’m not even that hungry. Do you just want a coffee back at mine?” 

Kasim replied: “Yeah, after the lousy morning I’ve had, I’d like that.”

At that, the boys got up and left and Twitter vented their frustration.

[undefined]Emmerdale: Finn Barton and Kasim Sabet leave fans baffled after ditching their full pints [ITV]

One user tweeted: “Would you seriously leave a full pint? @emmerdale #emmerdale what a waste of alcohol!!” 

Another commented: “They had a full pint each, but went home for a cup of coffee? #Emmerdale.” 

A third added: “#Emmerdale a fresh pint on that bar table just gone to waste, tsk tsk tsk.” 

One more viewer said: “How many pints did they waste there and just left them virtually full? #Emmerdale.” 

While another pointed out: “As if they would leave their pints that they paid for #Emmerdale.”

Following their visit to The Woolpack, viewers saw Finn and Kasim appear to get their romance back on track. 

[undefined]Emmerdale: Finn Barton had tried to win ex Kasim Sabet back [ITV]

[undefined]Emmerdale: Fans were quick to point out Finn Barton and Kasim Sabet’s unusual move in The Woolpack [ITV]

Finn told Kasim that he is the one “he is always thinking of” and despite his former flame revealing that his father won’t accept his sexuality, the boys kissed. 

Fans reacted to the pair locking lips and were quick to compare the couple to Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden. 

One tweeted: “THEY KISSED my babies #Robron #fasim.” 

Another said: “So that’s #fasim haha #emmerdale #Robron.”

[undefined]Emmerdale: Finn Barton and Kasim Sabet kiss [ITV]

“I love Finn and Kasim together,” one fan wrote.

“They make a perfect couple. I hope they get together again and stay together this time #Emmerdale.” 

Others weren’t so convinced about the couple and didn’t agree with the #Robron comparisons, with one viewer claiming: “Can’t feel anything for Finn and Kasim cuz they’re plot, plot, plot #Robron #Emmerdale.”

Asides from pint-gate, Emmerdale had quite the dramatic episode as Nicola King finally found out the truth about the fire that nearly killed her. 

[undefined]Emmerdale: Nicola King finally found out the truth about the fire that nearly killed her [ITV]

Ronnie Hale told Nicola that Rakesh Kotecha had started the fire and she has vowed to get revenge, declaring: “I’m gonna punish him much worse than prison ever would!”

Emmerdale continues Wednesday on ITV at 7pm.

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