EVERYONE has THAT greying bra in their underwear draw that they know they’ve owned for far too long…

But just how long is too long when is comes to holding on to your lucky brassiere?

Although it’s hard to let go of that one loyal, comfortable bra, is there really a shelf life on your favourite undies?

We recently discovered how frequently we really need to throw our bras in the wash, and here’s how often you need to put them in the bin. 

The Head of Buying and Design of Lingerie at Debenhams, Sharon Webb, shared her two pennies on the fashion dilemma. 

Sharon told OK! Online: “It is recommend that bras are replaced every 6 months.”

And we weren’t the only one surprised by this revelation. 

A recent survey by Ann Summers revealed that only 15% of us actually do replace our undies within the recommended time. 

On the other hand, 25% of UK women own bras as ancient as four years old lying about.  Eek. 

But Sharon at Debenhams insisted that it’s not just for fashion purposes that we need to replace our bras that often. 

She said: “Due to the recovery of elastics over time, the underband on a bra should be giving you most of the support so an over stretched bra won’t be supporting your bust.

But before sweep all your bras up in a bin bag, Sharon assures us this does depend on just how often you wear said bra.

The Valentine’s Day number that’s been worn once? Don’t chuck it just yet.

Sharon said: “This obviously depends on how often you wear the bra – if you have a wider bra wardrobe with greater choice for different outfits such as T-shirt bras, plunge, strapless in variety of colours then you won’t be wearing them as much.”

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