In classic Kylie Cosmetics fashion, the Royal Peach Palette sold out faster than Kylie Jenner’s Ferrari could go from 0 to 60. Before it restocks later this week, learn how to use the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette with some help of our favorite beauty bloggers. We gathered up our favorite Instas from the past couple days since the palette launched last Thursday, January 12th at 3 P.M. PST—and sold out nine minutes later. (Okay, that wasn’t as fast as a sports car picking up speed, but it’s pretty damn fast.)

Before we dive into their looks, here’s a little background. Peachy eye makeup looks have been taking over Instagram, and some of the inspiration has been coming from Jenner herself. After Jenner attended a handful of New York Fashion Week shows last season with lids decked out in the shade inspired by the fuzzy fruit, beauty bloggers were quick to post tutorials takes on her look. Enough popped up that Jenner was unable to ignore the inadvertent trend; she now cites the NYFW look as inspo for the palette. (See, she wasn’t copying the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection.)


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Without further ado, here are eight looks beauty bloggers created using the new Royal Peach Palette.


Maybelline’s newest ambassador, Manny Gutierrez, as well as Cali Bybel and Irene Khan, paired the palette’s peachiest, bronziest shades with winged liner and lots of lashes.


First celebs like Marion Cotillard, Joan Smalls, and Olivia Munn were on to the slash of blue liner on their lower lids. Now Christen Dominique, Jeffree Star, and Nicol Concilio paired the compact’s bright blue hue, Royal, with the fuzzy navel shade. And if we’re talking ROYGBIV, blue and orange are complementary colors, so it makes color wheel sense, too.


No liner skills are needed for this one. Nikki Tutorials brushed darker shades from the palette, like Queen Bee (a metallic caramel) and Duchess (a shimmery cinnamon), along the outer corners of her lids to lend her lids smoldering depth.


You might not be trying this out for an everyday look any time soon, but we’re still kind of obsessed. Doesn’t it have unicorn vibes? The beauty blogger known as Ash or @atleeeey created a rainbow winged shadow look with the shades Crush (a peachy pink), Royal, and North Star (a metallic lilac).

Now that you know how to use the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette like a pro, you can try shopping it during its first restock on Thursday, January 19, at 3 p.m. PST (or 6 p.m. EST) on Hopefully it won’t sell out in less than 10 minutes again.

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