NADIA Sawalha has confused everyone by wearing the same blouse over and over again on Loose Women.

[undefined]Nadia Sawalha first wore the blouse on Loose Women on January 4 [ITV]

The panellist has opted for the pink snakeskin print shirt for the entire month of January.

Nadia first wore the blouse on January 4, then on January 9, 17, 19 and 20 and so on.

But now Nadia has explained the whole thing is for an experiment, explaining all, Nadia finally addressed the elephant in the room.

Speaking about her decision to wear the blouse all month, Nadia revealed it was all part of an experiment to see how many people noticed.

The idea came after Judge Rinder revealed he’d worn the same clothes over and over again and nobody noticed.

However, the Loose Women panel revealed many people were left upset over the decision, as the loose ladies left their loyal viewers out of the secret.

Eagle-eyed viewers have been taking to social media all month to comment on Nadia’s choice to wear the same outfit on Loose Women more than once.

One viewer wrote: “#LooseWomen A word to wardrobe dept- please find another top for Nadia Sawalha.”

Another added: “We have noticed that Nadia has had same top on for consecutive amount of shows do they not have anything else for her to wear? @loosewomen.”

And a third commented: “Why is Nadia always wearing the same top! Surely the wardrobe department can find her something else?”

Others quickly picked up that Nadia could be doing an experiment, prior to her big reveal.

Questioning it, one fan added: “Is Nadia part of some project/resolution with that dress? Love how she wears it regularly without pressure to change!”

[undefined]Nadia wore the blouse again on January 9 while on the panel [ITV]

Another added: “Is Nadia wearing that blouse for a joke or until people start commenting on the fact she’s worn it every time she’s been on #LooseWomen.”

Nadia’s decision to wear the top on multiple occasions comes after a news-anchor in Australia slammed a co-host for turning up in the same colour outfit as her.

In case you missed it, Amber Sherlock received worldwide attention after having an epic meltdown over the wardrobe choice just minutes before she went on air.

Since the uproar many news reporters have come out to defend Amber and explain the pressures of getting your wardrobe right on television.

Channel 9 producer Kerri Elstub told 9Honey: “There is a cardinal rule that you don’t wear the same colour as other talent on set.

[undefined]Nadia also wore the blouse to chat on Loose Women on January 17 [ITV]

“I’ve had to change outfits before because I clashed with the host. Usually its sorted out before you go on air, but as we’ve now all seen, sometimes you’re just too busy to worry about it, tempers fray and you have yourself a viral video.”

We wonder if Nadia really is doing her own experiment?

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