Anyone who has been following Nicole Richie for the past few years knows that she is not afraid to play with funky hair-colors. No ma’am. The House of Harlow creative director has worn her hair in shades of lavender, blue, and pink, and even greyish white. And she’s not done. Far from it, actually.

On Monday, Richie took to Instagram to show off her latest hair change. Yes, her signature blonde is still there, but interspersed throughout her stands are pops of lavender. Colorist Larisa Love blessed Richie’s crown with this vibrant hue, Joico Color Butter in purple. When I spoke to Richie about her new look, though, she dished that she almost chose something slightly different.

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“I met with Joico and I looked at all the colors. I was thinking [of going with] pink. Then I decided last minute to go with purple because color is emotional. I use color to set intentions of where I want to go, align myself, and how I want to feel,” she said. The color also has a bit of a sentimental value to Richie. “It’s the first color that I ever did when I first started coloring my hair.”

Consider it a modern take on a Richie classic. The combination of her natural brown hue, the blonde, and the purple is super fun. And best of all, it’s one that she doesn’t have to fully commit to. Joico’s Color Butter is temporary, promising to work on pre-lightened hair and stick around for 10 shampoos. It’s a great way (if you already have light hair) to try a new look without having to deal with the damage that often comes with such dramatic color. “A few years ago when I was coloring my hair, I had to use permanent hair color. It’s a whole different process. You really have to commit to a certain color until it comes out. I dealt with a lot of breakage,” she admitted. But it’s different with Joico. “This is something that you can do at home. You don’t have to spend the money and spend hours in a salon. It has a conditioning aspect to the formula also, so your hair actually comes out super soft.”

From here, Richie’s hair looks super healthy and touchable. Which must be a relief because, as I mentioned, she knows a thing or two about the number permanent dyes can do on your strands. Fortunately, she has some hacks up her sleeve that worked for her when her hair was over-processed.

“I always condition my hair. Always. I only shampoo my hair about twice a week at the most. Conditioner has the power to clean out anything in your hair. You don’t need to over shampoo your hair.” If her hair is feeling extra damaged, Richie’s trick is to slather it in oil for a super penetrating treatment. “I grease my hair, lather it in coconut oil, and slick it back for two days straight and I’ll just let it absorb all of the oil.”