MASCARA is every woman’s make-up essential, but the lash coat also runs it’s course very quickly. But this new beauty trick is about the change everything for beauty addicts everywhere.

[undefined]Here’s how to restore your dried up mascara in a matter of seconds [Getty ]

Long, thick, fluttering lashes is the stuff of dreams for beauty junkies everywhere.

And for those of us who aren’t genetically blessed with Michelle Keegan-esque lashes, finding the perfect mascara is like finally uniting with a long lost friend. 

But the love is soon lost again as our favourite mascara becomes dry and brittle after a month or two. 

Sound familiar? Then you need this beauty hack in your life that saves mascaras that have dried up all too soon.

[undefined]Who knew eye drops were the secret to renewing your mascara? [Getty]

It’s time to invest in a tube of eye drops.

Contact lens wearers and dry eye sufferers alike will know the lubricating joys of using eye drops, and it turns out your make-up bag could use a few drops too.

As long as your lash perfecter isn’t out of date (yes, your skincare and make-up DOES have an expiry date) the try this method to restore a mascara that’s come to an untimely end.

With a generic eye drop (aka NOT the stuff your doctor gives you when you have conjunctivitis) squeeze between 3-6 drips of the stuff into your dried up tube.

[undefined]Save your mascara that you thought had gone all too soon [Getty]

Place the wand back in the tube and give it a good shake followed by stir. 

Before you know it, your favourite lash coat will be as good as new. 

This simple trick especially works wonders on waterproof wands.

While we’ve known about the the drop of water hack for a while, obviously it’s not so effective on the water resistant formulas. 

Why haven’t we thought of this before?

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