While some people lather up more frequently, those with drier, more textured strands, or who use chemical relaxers have been on the “extend-your-shampoo” game for a hot minute. Dry conditioner can work on curly, kinky, and coily textures, but it’s likely going to be best to use when you heat style your hair.

Despite its benefits, Hammer warns that if you have very dry, damaged, and/or color-treated hair, you’re not going to instantly get the moisturizing and strengthening benefits your hair really needs with just a dry conditioner. In other words, don’t toss your deep conditioner — you’ll be needing it.

On the bright side, New York City dermatologist Francesca J. Fusco notes that using dry conditioners won’t ruin your hair. “Long-term usage of dry conditioners should not cause any damage to the hair or scalp unless someone is allergic to one of the ingredients.”

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