13 Blue Eye Shadows and Palettes That Look Amazing on Everyone

In 2017, Pat McGrath proved that blue will even be as a lot as date, refined, and dauntless — in the entire correct programs — with the beginning of her sold-out Shaded Star 006 kit. It is miles the roughly blue that is so luxe that you if truth be told are searching to scrub in it till you fully discover about like a glamorous, lost member of the Blue Man Community. Since then, cobalt blue has been breezing into palette after palette, and celebrities possess been attempting out the plucky coloration an increasing selection of. And to prime it all off, Pantone loyal named Primary Blue as the 2020 Color of the Year, so you are about to ogle plenty more blue understand shadows in the marketplace. For the time being, we rounded up the thirteen most fantastic cobalt blue understand shadows in step with picks from skilled make-up artists and Charm editors.

Regardless of which blue you decide, Contemporary York Metropolis-primarily based fully make-up artist Cut Barose recommends the usage of your finger or a sponge tip applicator to press on the pigments to up their intensity. “They have up more pigment than a brush,” he explains. “Then, spend an understand shadow brush to tender, mix, and tidy around the perimeters.” Withhold scrolling to salvage the staunch cobalt Barose retains in his kit.