“Friends” Eye Shadow Palette Launches at Hot Topic

Consequently of the kindness and rock-solid memory of Jennifer Aniston, now we hold already found the lipstick Rachel Inexperienced wore on Company. But how about her blending brush or her lunge-to hold a examine shadow shade?

A new sequence of Company-themed beauty products is on hand over at Hot Topic, from the savvy enterprise minds who brought us the Clueless be aware shadow palette, The Cramped Mermaid dinglehopper brush build, Polly Pocket make-up, and more. This time spherical, the most popular mall chain is tapping into nostalgia for the ’90s-generation command with a make-up brush build ($25) and be aware shadow palette ($17).

courtesy of stamp

The 12-pan palette is stamped with the Company stamp and embellished with all forms of references and symbols from the command, adore “pivot,” Phoebe’s acoustic guitar, and Rachel and Monica’s well-known front-door peephole frame. The shades also reference fan-popular moments from the sequence, translated into corresponding colors. We now hold got got Mrs. Chanandler Bong (glittery brick red), Unagi (figuring out teal), Regina Phalange (matte hot pink), Espresso brown, and more.

courtesy of stamp

But correct how must always quiet you salvage your We Had been on a Break glittery pink be aware shadow in your precise eyes, you inquire? Hot Topic has you lined with a four-piece make-up brush build. The build involves a powder brush, angled be aware shadow brush, traditional be aware shadow brush, and blending brush, all gathered together in a canister imprinted with the Central Perk stamp.

The 2 beauty products join a bunch of other Company-themed items, including a Central Perk backpack, sweatpants, and “Moo Level” T-shirt. Whilst you seize to want to steep your total dresser in nostalgia for Chandler, Joey, and the crowd, and seize up some Nightmare on Elm Boulevard socks while you are at it, head past the Auntie Anne’s and all the diagram in which during the nook from Bathtub and Physique Works and lunge straight to Hot Topic.

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