John Travolta Debuts Full Head of Hair for “Grease”-Themed Event — Photos

Final topple, John Travolta debuted an fully tidy-shaven, bald head and has been right to the stare ever since. For this motive, it got here as a necessary shock to fans when the 65-year-mature actor stepped out with a tubby head of hair at “Meet ‘N’ Grease,” a clear sigh-a-lengthy screening tournament that took region in Florida to celebrate the 1978 movie and its soundtrack.

Because Travolta has been bald for a sizzling minute now, no person anticipated the legendary actor to point to up with hair — no longer to deliver hair that carefully mimics the vogue his personality, Danny Zuko, wore in the movie. Travolta shared several snapshots from the weekend-lengthy tournament on Instagram one day of which he and his historic co-superstar, Olivia Newton-John, are dressed up as their respective characters, and there is now not any denying how life like his hair appears. Followers straight took glimpse, leaving feedback love, “Where did you borrow the hair from?” and “How did you develop hair 🤣.”

Whereas some fans poked stress-free at Travolta, the majority of of us had been complimentary and expressed scare at how unprecedented he smooth appears love his personality from the ’70s. As for whether the hair is his bear, that would possibly per chance be a arduous no, as he used to be making TV appearances earlier this month with a shaven head. If we had to form an professional wager, Travolta bigger than doubtless obtained a top quality wig for the momentous occasion, as it can perhaps per chance’ve been no longer attainable to in actuality stare love Danny Z. with out his signature waft. Lace-entrance wigs for men are unprecedented as they’re fully undetectable, so likelihood is, that’s what Travolta went for here.

Nonetheless, hair or no hair, he’ll constantly have our hearts.

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