Kesha’s Makeup Line, Kesha Rose, Reflects Her Journey to Self-Acceptance — Interview

Kesha says of the palette’s lilac, emerald, aubergine, orange, cerulean, fuschia, crimson, silver, bronze, shaded, and chartreuse powders. “The color chartreuse, as an illustration, has been my favourite color since I became once six years oldschool. [Hipdot] has been unparalleled with my desire to assemble these uncommon colours within the very best texture and with glitter that’s no longer so plump that it hurts to net it off.”

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But for Kesha, color has a deeper that map. “With my [last] album, Rainbow, the lyrics are ‘I oldschool to dwell within the darkness, and I chanced on a rainbow,'” she says. “I well-known to indicate that bodily with the make-up I made, too. Color symbolizes hope, living in happiness and pleasure and self-acceptance and the total right things. And it also happens to be a symbol for the LGBTQ neighborhood.”

At its core, her line, even the eyeliners (“That shit stays — you can sleep in it,” she laughs) is meant to be mischievous. “I hope that my make-up line is something of us can in point of fact maintain fun with. I fancy once I be taught about of us no longer conforming to some very best that society has dwelling up.”

Fittingly, Kesha will not be any stranger to experimentation. “I’ve bedazzled my face, I’ve drawn rainbows on my face, I maintain stuck on adhesives that were meant for awe motion photos proper so it would possibly per chance possibly presumably pause on for the total inform,” Kesha says. She remembers a time when exhibiting as much as highschool with crimson hair landed her within the major’s office. “Luckily, my mother became once very supportive of me. I came dwelling and she or he became once fancy, ‘That is bullshit — your hair looks gargantuan crimson.'”

Curiously, her tamest color change to this level, the deep coffee she has now, took the largest guts, she says. “Historically, I became once very hooked as much as my blonde hair. It became once a part of my identity,” she says. “So coloring it and slicing it off has helped me redefine what makes me in point of fact feel handsome and sexy and tough and the total things that I in point of fact feel, and it is no longer contingent on any physical attribute.”

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Our time has plug out. Kesha leaves me with a cake pop and a candle (my birthday became once about a days prior, and she or he well-known to maintain an even time, although we’d by no map met), and this thought: “I ponder it is in point of fact critical for of us to know that you would possibly as well be sexy at any size, with any color hair, any color pores and skin, any sexuality, any gender choice, and I are seeking to insist that in myself. I are seeking to apply what I preach.”

Kesha Rose Beauty is obtainable at the original time, for $26 to $36 (and $ninety to $A hundred and twenty for collectors’ units), at

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