Naomi Campbell Joins Jackie Aina for Getting-Ready Makeup Video — Watch

You realize the feeble announcing, “Make no longer meet your heroes”? Successfully, there are positively a couple of exceptions, as proven by a video makeup influencer and all-round beam of beauty light Jackie Aina posted on Friday. Aina has posted loads of GRWM — “put alongside side me” — movies in her decade(!) on YouTube, however none were quite so account for her and her more than three million subscribers as her contemporary one with none varied than supermodel Naomi Campbell.

After an lovable intro in which Aina tries to procure Campbell to enlighten her theme song with her, Aina says, “We are going to be getting ready together and doing 25 questions with the Naomi Campbell.” Campbell then warns Aina that she easiest takes 10 minutes to attain her makeup — unlike Aina, who jokes that she’s more of a two-hour kinda gal.

Among the many wonder issues the 2 touched upon for the length of the video: brows. Campbell says it has by no means been her forte. “So long as my eyebrows are done by that one and easiest Anastasia — she’s the most attention-grabbing particular person I let touch my eyebrows within the area — as long they’re done, then I can attain the quite loads of stuff,” Campbell says, referring to Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills (with whom Aina launched a palette earlier this year). “Nonetheless the one thing I can no longer attain is eyebrows.”

Although Campbell feels confident with doing the comfort of her makeup, she tells Aina that she prefers to protect it uncomplicated when she’s no longer working, applying complexion products esteem basis and concealer easiest build on she feels she needs them. “I esteem skin to be shining when I am no longer sporting makeup. I don’t tips taking a survey esteem a grease ball,” she says. Aina is of the same opinion, recommending to Campbell that she birth carrying surroundings spray 24 hours a day to protect her skin taking a survey new. As Campbell continues applying sparingly, she says, “I don’t esteem to position on makeup on my forehead when I am doing my makeup. Then I in point of truth in point of truth feel esteem I’ve got deal of makeup on.”

A myth-scratch 2d comes with Campbell tells Aina that she wears sunscreen easiest on her lips. “Oh my god, now we fetch got to focus on,” Aina says, alarmed on the confession.

“I haven’t been within the solar for two years, esteem, sat within the solar on the sea slip and being able to elegant procure solar — now I haven’t been able to attain it in two years,” Campbell explains. “So therefore why I am quite faded.”

Whereas they place no longer fully ask and resolution 25 questions within the 12-minute clips, the guidelines, secrets and ways, and bonding moments shared are entirely price a sight. Check out your entire video below, after which head over to Campbell’s channel to idea “fragment two.”

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