Natasha Denona Launching ‘I Need a Nude’ Lipstick Collection With 18 Shades

I originate no longer think I’m by myself in announcing that after I hear the name Natasha Denona, I feel of perceive shadow. Other than Denona herself being is named a make-up artist who’s a true grasp of the dramatic perceive, her namesake stamp has delivered one of the considerable most plentiful perceive shadow palettes in contemporary historical previous. But with the upcoming open of the I Want a Nude Lipstick series, I would no longer be surprised if we’re all about to eye Natasha Denona in a unusual light.

“You guys know me for all my Dramatic Smoky Scrutinize Make-up Looks to be like paired w/nude Lipstick shades, so I needed to carry out nudes for every person,” Denona wrote in the caption of an Instagram dispute revealing a single light-tan lipstick. But there would possibly be manner bigger than one coloration in the I Want a Nude series; really, there would possibly be 18, and they comprise the conception that “nude” manner varied issues to varied other folks.

The 18 shades, which stretch from very beautiful to super deep, are damaged down into four undertones: beige, neutral beige, neutral red, and red. The shades were all given the other folks names: Charlotte, Liron, Sami, Naya, Nati, Lala, Michelle, Alison, Judith, Claudia, Sava, Jeniffer, Averyl, Beatrice, Susanna, Noa, Yana, and, for certain, Natasha. That one obtained its name, Trendmood reports, on memoir of “it is her approved supreme nude that she likes to establish on day by day.”

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In accordance to the Sephora product page, the plot is good as impressive as the coloration fluctuate. Or no longer it is “a lightweight, creamy plot with a tender, shining live” that leaves lips hydrated and tickled.

As for a manner Denona made up our minds on the series’s name, “‘I NEED A NUDE’ is the sleek sentence I’m the exhaust of after I’m in the course of increasing a unusual product in the lab, even after I in actuality strive demanding no longer to incorporate nude shades in any coloration story I’m engaged on after which I’m going but again..: ‘nonetheless I would like a nude…’😂,” she wrote in the caption of Instagram put up of plenty of slides exhibiting the shades. “Sooner or later after I worked on THIS series, it used to be obvious to call it good that😋.”

The I Want a Nude Lipstick series launches on August 26 at Sephora and on for $25 every.

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