Review: Is the Tangle Teezer Worth the Hype?

“I’m able to now not have you would maybe like long hair and you produce now not like a Tangle Teezer.” That’s what my pal Sophie, Appeal‘s old digital deputy magnificence director, acknowledged when she handed me this plastic hairbrush made for detangling knots. It change into as soon as brilliant (brilliant, brilliant) purple and purple, and looked more care for a hairbrush Lisa Frank would care for than one which’d be a in the reduction of the scenes staple.

Nonetheless the Tangle Teezer is a current of magnificence industry greats, despite the incontrovertible reality that it looks care for a kid’s toy. Sophie first heard about it from makeup myth Pat McGrath in the reduction of the scenes at sort week. It is obtained a few Appeal Most attention-grabbing of Magnificence awards. And hairstylists care for the usage of it to retract knots gently and efficiently: “It suits completely into your palm, which lets in for less of the tugging that makes hair snap,” hairstylist Tommy Buckett has instructed Appeal.

I change into as soon as resistant at the foundation (my diverse hairbrushes are correct so great chicer taking a learn about) nevertheless now that I like a Tangle Teezer, I honestly can now not believe my hair without it. My semi-wavy pleasing hair is de facto inclined to getting tangled — particularly on wool collars and scarves, which makes iciness the worst time for knots — and I ancient to use attain too great time detangling my hair, which constantly eager ripping some out in the process.

I’m tickled I purchased over my brush snobbiness, though, since the Tangle Teezer — a handless, palm-sized brush with flexible plastic bristles — has been a game-changer. It will get out knots in a little bit of the time, so I produce now not wish to region apart time for detangling anymore. I’m able to correct brush my hair care for identical old, presumably a few minutes more, and I’m factual to head. It additionally doesn’t effort — care for, at all. I produce now not ponder I’ve winced as soon as while the usage of it, which is nothing attempting fine. I silent produce now not use it each and each day, simplest when my hair is knotted — nevertheless as soon as I wish to detangle, I am constantly so grateful it be there. It is huge for detangling curls, too — that is my colleague Devon the usage of it on her curly hair, above.

Even as you would maybe take to geek out for a 2nd, there would possibly be a estimable chilly chronicle in the reduction of the comb and why it works so well: British hairstylist Shaun Pulfrey seen one other stylist combating a consumer’s long hair that change into as soon as getting knotted and broken. “So I took a shot,” he says. “I gently shook and tapped the knots and so that they honestly began to untangle themselves. They wished passive resistance (brushing makes snarls worse). So I most incessantly precipitated a vibration in the hair by shaking it very like a flash. It change into as soon as a fully current methodology, and I change into the king of detangling. When a persons’ hair change into as soon as tangled up, they’d whine, ‘Walk derive Shaun. He can detangle something. I figured I would possibly perhaps well create a product that will mimic this methodology: a brush with teeth that had been flexible so that they’d vibrate through your hair.” And correct care for that, a intention to knots — and a magnificence industry phenomenon — change into as soon as born.