Snoop Dogg’s Best Hairstyles

Snoop Dogg could possibly possibly be known as one of essentially the most legendary rappers in the game, but once you ask us, he’s additionally low-key a hair icon. Through his years in the spotlight, we get seen the person wear fluffed-out Afros, braids, perms, cornrows, locs — he’s doubtlessly modified his hair as critical as any influencer on YouTube.

It’s no surprise, then, that he was once invited to resolve his get panel at Beautycon this year. At some level of the tournament, he emphasized that hair is his licensed and easiest accessory, fragment of the uniform he wears — and his is very properly taken care of. You would capture one of his most most recent hairstyles, box braids, in the Netflix expose Dolemite Is My Name.

True this minute, although, take a moment to undercover agent support at the rapper’s most iconic hairstyles and look how his hair has developed thru the years. Who knows, that you can additionally safe some inspiration to your subsequent undercover agent.