Syro Shoes: The High Heel Brand for Men & Nonbinary People

In fashion, questions surrounding gender swirl around the commerce: Who will get to position on which clothing items? Salvage we quiet need siphoned-off menswear and womenswear runway presentations? What if truth be told contains a gender-fair garment or fashion line? Amid those conversations, Syro emerged. Primarily based correct three brief years within the past, the shoe trace’s targets are now not to interrupt the principles loads as to make a new paradigm for an oft-underserved particular person demographic on the market: males and gender-nonconforming of us which will most most likely be eager to position on high heels.

While you head to the “About” portion of the trace’s net set up of dwelling, its self-description is equal components concise and intentional. “Syro is a wierd POC industry basically based completely in Recent York Metropolis,” it reads.

“It’s simply the true fact,” co-founder Henry Bae tells me. “And I judge we desire that if truth be told to be known because we had a danger early on that gender-nonconforming fashion may possibly presumably be eaten up by a greater mainstream in upcoming years. And we desired to provide protection to what changed into pleasant about our identification and our femininity — our identification as minorities, if truth be told.”

This purposefulness, and the benefit with which they voice it, is central right here. As an example, the trace does now not call itself “gender-fair” (as is the most neatly-most popular time interval for many corporations in this present day and age), but “gender-nonconforming“ as a replace, which is to strip the gendered modifier of its vitality over the clothing itself. Sure, anybody of any gender can technically set up on anything else — identical goes for makeup, pores and skincare, and as regards to any subsection of beauty and fashion — nonetheless it is one component for a trace to voice its products are for all clients and a wholly loads of component to make it with emphases on measurement inclusivity and gender-inclusive marketing correct from the start.

Bae, who is 28 and identifies as a gender-nonconforming weird and wonderful/homosexual man, and co-founder Shaobo Han, who is 28 and also identifies as gender-nonconforming and weird and wonderful, first met in Recent York Metropolis in 2012 by assignment of Facebook. “Henry knew me as this loud, Asian metropolis child in NYC, whereas I revered his writing on his now-hidden weblog,” Han recalls.

Syro co-founders Henry Bae (L) and Shaobo Han

Courtesy of Syro

Bae chimes in, “It wasn’t unless I met Shaobo that I had a chum who mirrored such polarizing components of my identification — being feminine, gender-nonconforming, and yellow-American — abet at me. It changed into an exhilarating and freeing chemistry from the very starting.”

The root for the trace got right here out of necessity for Bae, who first fashioned the muse for Syro before bringing Han on board. “I’ve constantly wanted high heels to suit my investigate cross-check, but I’ll possibly presumably only fit into the absolute largest ladies folks’s sneakers I’ll possibly presumably accumulate,“ Bae remembers. “Even then, they would presumably maybe be narrow as eff and it may possibly presumably distress, but I quiet did it.”

One day, it dawned on Bae, who had been working within the shoe commerce for years as a purchaser, seller, and marketer, that he may possibly presumably make this himself — though now not on his hang. That’s when Han, who had been working in graphic hang, got right here into the industry. The logo officially launched in 2016.

Hao Nguyen/Courtesy of Syro

“On the time, I changed into going thru a quantity of gender-associated problems that I changed into facing, and doing Syro with Henry essentially told my hang inner most gender journey,” Han tells me. “It has if truth be told shaped who I’m now and my hang sense of self.”

Besides they seen it as a chance to cater to an underserved and even unacknowledged demographic of particular person. “Society doesn’t are eager to acknowledge, let by myself cater to, femme-presenting gender-nonconforming folx,” Han says. “Or now not it is a long way so famous for Syro now not only to promote heels, but additionally to reduce out situation where femme folx can celebrate and empower every loads of — where we can focal point our consideration on rising joy, and reclaiming the moments of triumph in our narratives.“