The Best Beauty TikToks of 2019 — Videos

For the initiated: TikTok, an app that lets users add their gather short videos, grew to change into a phenomenon in 2019. Whether you are a excessive college scholar the utilization of the app for a history class assignment or a digital creator who is simply too inclined to actually trace what’s occurring on there exactly, TikTok’s success is undeniable. To support sum up its banner year, the logo build collectively a checklist of the one hundred top TikToks of 2019.

The list entails viral moments cherish Kombucha Girl and #RiseAndShine, but for our purposes, there would possibly perchance be additionally a breakdown of the ten easiest beauty and fashion TikToks of the year.

We counsel perusing the plump list — despite the whole lot, TikToks are a maximum of 60 seconds, so it would only snatch 10 minutes. In the length of time it takes to drink your afternoon espresso, perceive Victoria Lyn test out Too Faced Silver Glow Job Glitter Face Screen. Look for a pair of disembodied palms craft a actually fulfilling red unicorn braid. Or, naturally, probabilities are you’ll well perceive as a make-up artist turns herself into a harlequin clown.

This is the plump top 10 list:

  1. Developing the sincere blue glitter acrylic by @youngnailsinc
  2. Checkered clown test by @abbyrartistry
  3. That contour and highlight, though! by @jamescharles
  4. Six a form of festival fashion trends by @glitterandlazers
  5. Multicolor hair highlights by @emilymunyak
  6. Unicorn-coloured braid! by @learnwithlati
  7. Beget an eyeshadow learn about by randomly selecting three a form of colors! by @jamescharles
  8. The final observe glitter screen by @victorialyn
  9. An ’80s-impressed learn about by @addyurdaddy
  10. A red-ultimate Barbie impressed learn about by @victorialyn

TikTok’s short length implies that these videos are no longer meant to be instructional or confessional or an infomercial any of the other things we now private attain to demand from beauty YouTubers. They’re going to factual be fun — which, we hope, we will seek way more of in 2020.

More pattern predictions for 2020:

Now, seek a Rockette’s whole routine, from waking as a lot as showtime:

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