The Masked Singer’s Rottweiler Shares a Very Unexpected Reason for Choosing the Dog Suit

He did now not trot the entire formulation within the second season of The Masked Singer, but the Rottweiler — unveiled Wednesday as American Idol alum Chris Daughtry — says the expertise modified him as a person and a performer.

For the period of the season, the costumed dogs turned into in about a of the display cowl’s biggest performances ever, blowing the judges and the viewers away with renditions of hits take care of Hall & Oates’ “Maneater” and “Relish Runs Out” by OneRepublic. The clues made his identification clearer and clearer as the opponents went on (the nods to North Carolina, where he spent of his formative years, were a wide giveaway) but he saved folks stumped.

TV Records talked with the unmasked singer as he concluded the season to interrogate about being on the display cowl, what it turned into as soon as take care of interior that costume, and the most life like likely plot being the Rottweiler helped him recuperate from longstanding fears.

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You came to this point! Did you watch the season and comprise any belief you were up against greats take care of Patti LaBelle all that point?
Daughtry: I did now not! I had no belief who any of them were unless all people else knew. We were coated at all occasions and weren’t allowed to keep in touch to any individual unless they had 0n a sweater that acknowledged “Focus on over with me.” We never essentially knew who we were dealing with. I remember being in my trailer, and [I] would hear folks warming up and couldn’t settle on it out. I turned into as soon as floored when I figured out that Patti turned into as soon as up against me all that point. It turned into as soon as reasonably surreal.

Why’d you will want to understand it?
Daughtry: I turned into as soon as the different to make below the veil of anonymity. It turned into as soon as intellectual to me. I remember seeing video of Ryan Reynolds as a masked singer in Korea and thinking I would like to realize one thing take care of that. Then after my ideal friend T-Distress turned into as soon as on it I thought it could perhaps be a relaxing different.

You are known for being into meditation, and from what folks comprise acknowledged, I secure that being interior that costume is practically take care of a meditation in formulation, within the sense that you just transcend your self. Did that it’s likely you’ll very successfully be feeling that formulation?
Daughtry: 100%. It turned into as soon as reasonably cathartic. No one can see you. You are within the bubble of the new, there will not be any judgment because no one knows who that it’s likely you’ll very successfully be. There is this freedom in that — that it’s likely you’ll very successfully be performing and or no longer it’s no longer what folks question or are musty to seeing from you. It is very releasing. It felt very mediative — being with myself within the still.

What turned into as soon because it take care of being for the duration of the costume? I’ve heard or no longer it’s sizzling and you have to no longer lumber, but you made it overview straightforward.
Daughtry: Truthfully, I get chilly plenty particularly on TV stages. It turned into as soon as sizzling, but I did now not mind. It turned into as soon as reasonably comforting essentially. It turned into as soon as take care of walking around with a blanket on. I attain remember about a occasions feeling take care of turned into as soon as going to die. Once I bought started with the choreography and the entirety, y0u’re looking out to make in a current formulation but the costume is take care of eighty pounds. I turned into as soon as getting so winded, I turned into as soon as take care of, how does this even sound? It turned into as soon as undoubtedly a test.

Why’d you steal the Rottweiler costume?
Daughtry: I’m this kind of Batman fan, and you know he had this apprehension of bats. It turned into as soon as equivalent for me: I turned into as soon as bitten by a Rottweiler when I turned into as soon as 15 or Sixteen and they’d acknowledged the dog turned into as soon as the sweetest ever. Nevertheless when I went to pet it, it bit me on the leg and ever since I had this apprehension of Rottweilers. I had this image that all of them bit. So being a Rottweiler embodies that belief of dealing with my fears.

What’s next, now that you just shall be in a position to have this expertise below your belt?
Daughtry: [My band Daughtry] has been starting up a bunch of recent stuff, atmosphere some touring dates for 2020. It shall be a wide one year. This turned into as soon as take care of icing on the cake.

The Masked Singer returns for Season three after Ultimate Bowl LIV on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020 on Fox.

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