The Viral ‘Amazon Nightgown’ Is the $30 Dress That’s Selling Out Fast

It be no longer but time to atomize out your Amazon Coat from storage. But the web site online appears to be like to hold but another viral trend hit on its hands: a long-sleeve midi costume from seller R.Vivimos, readily available in 18 assorted prints for about $30.

Its recognition has indubitably blown up in contemporary weeks due to Grace Atwood, founding father of daily life blog The Stripe and cohost of the Homely on Paper podcast, who began a hashtag on Instagram for the #AmazonNightgown and has a Spotlight on her profile of different of us wearing it.

“I chanced on out about it just a few months within the past, via Hitha Palepu’s e-newsletter,” Atwood instructed Glamour. “She referred to this $30 Amazon costume she turned into loving, so clearly I clicked on it and turned into love, ‘Oh, I’d like that.’ I ordered it in two colors.”

As soon as she got it, she began wearing it spherical and delivery air the home. And that’s when she began noticing something…attention-grabbing. “I’d regain stopped on the avenue and asked where I got it. It appears to be like to be love this gorgeous fundamental component or something Ulla Johnson would produce,” she said. “Then of us began messaging me, ‘I got your Amazon costume!’”

“I tranquil didn’t mediate it turned into a tall deal till I turned into home on Cape Cod with my family. It began to be this component where on the very least five of us a day despatched me messages with them wearing their Amazon nightgown,” Atwood says. “Every time I log into my DMs, I essentially hold on the very least a couple of messages.”