Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky, the Big Fit Boys, Are Back in Town

The earlier day, we offered you to the opinion that of the legendary and prolonged-rumored nevertheless never-in actuality-considered-sooner than 2nd Match™. That’s now within the historical previous books after Kristen Stewart made us mutter, wow, WOW!!! twice within the span of a pair hours. (Thank the Match Gods for the Charlie’s Angels press tour.) At the present time, we salvage got something equivalent nevertheless distinct in its cling contrivance: two Sizable Suits, without a doubt, nevertheless veteran side-by-side barely than by the equivalent person. If Kristen Stewart’s 2nd Match™ is “a type of vogue comparable to Taco Bell’s Fourth Meal,” as we described it the day prior to this, that is adore vogue’s Nachos BellGrande®. Assorted composition, nevertheless person that yields the equivalent jaw-dropping discontinue.

A$AP Rocky, devilishly drooping his shades, is wearing tailoring on prime and neatly veteran-in denims on the underside. On his toes are Rick Owens’s unmistakeable Ramones sneakers. By itself, that is Sizable-Match-of-the-Day apt, nevertheless we’re treated here to a 2d helping of Sizable Fitdom. Tyler, the Creator wears a double-breasted Noah scuttle neatly with over a creamy white v-neck sweater and a hat that assures us he’s read Catcher within the Rye. Delighted for him! Honestly, it’s a blessing to score one match of this magnitude in a day, so finding two of them within the equivalent photo—magnificent next to every other!—is a freaking miracle.

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